first_imgVermont Law School,Vermont Law School’s Institute for Energy and the Environment (IEE) is playing a significant role in updating Vermont’s Comprehensive Energy Plan. A draft of the plan is open for public comment until October 10. The IEE was commissioned by the Vermont Department of Public Service (DPS) to craft a background to the plan, which addresses Vermont’s energy future for electricity, thermal energy, transportation and land use. The plan, which was last updated in 1998, is being developed by the DPS in collaboration with other state agencies, the public and stakeholders such as VLS. ‘Our goal was to support the plan and create a map of the regulatory and legal landscape of Vermont’s energy policy,’ said Professor Michael Dworkin, director of the IEE. ‘The plan is to be used by decision makers and a lay audience who are looking for the forest, not the trees.’ The plan’s background crafted by the IEE evaluates the legal and decision-making aspects of Vermont’s energy policy; identifies inconsistencies, tensions and other problems with the Legislature’s energy goals and current laws; and identifies ways to resolve those problems.  The plan’s primary purposes are to inform Vermonters about the challenges of maintaining a safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy supply; to examine efforts to address these energy challenges; and to make recommendations to achieve Vermont’s energy goals.The draft plan is available at: is external)last_img

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