Woman’s death raises Indonesian H5N1 toll to 92

first_imgDec 11, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – Indonesia’s health ministry today announced that a 28-year-old woman who lived near Jakarta died yesterday of H5N1 avian influenza.The woman died in an avian flu clinic in Jakarta, Joko Suyono, a health ministry spokesman, told the Associated Press. He said two laboratory tests confirmed that she had the lethal H5N1 virus. If her death is confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO), the woman will be listed as Indonesia’s 114th case-patient and its 92nd death from the disease.The woman, who was from Tangerang, just west of Jakarta, fell sick on Dec 4, was hospitalized 4 days later, and died after 2 days of treatment, according to a report today by Xinhua, China’s state news agency.She sold ornamental plants and used fertilizer made from chicken feces and plant material, Suyono told Xinhua. Also, she worked near chicken farms, he said.Indonesia has been the country hardest hit by human H5N1 cases, and animal-health officials have said the virus is endemic among the country’s poultry.last_img read more

Conference: Can Croatian Tourism 365?

first_imgConference Can Croatian Tourism 365? will be held on October 4.10.2017, XNUMX. in Zagreb, at the Sheraton Hotel. Leaders of Croatian tourism and numerous domestic and foreign experts will identify potentials, opportunities, positive practices and solutions for the development of year-round tourism in CroatiaPoliticians, tourism workers and everyone involved in tourism have been saying for years that the tourist season needs to be extended. Experiences and tourism results of neighboring countries show that tourism 365 days a year is something we should strive for. But is this really possible in Croatia as well, or are these dreams we want to believe in?Conference Croatian Tourism 365 brings eminent tourism experts from the wider region and representatives of the most important tourism institutions in Croatia in order to clearly define the path to launching Croatian tourism that lasts 365 days a year. They will try to establish the potentials and misconceptions about year-round tourism in Croatia and answer the question of whether we are ready for 12-month tourism. The conference will also give suggestions on how to be different and extend the season, and what the state really needs to do, what the local self-government, and what the tourism private sector should do in order to achieve that. Experts from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Hungary will share their successful experiences, as well as their suggestions and guidelines for the further development of Croatian tourism. The conference will offer new knowledge and ideas to small and medium-sized entities and motivation for large tourism entities.”The aim of this conference is primarily to identify potentials, opportunities, positive practices and solutions for the development of year-round tourism in Croatia, which will certainly help the experiences and practices of neighboring countries. With this conference we want to present solutions and activities to ensure the required quality and innovation that we need to achieve tourism that lasts all year round. Today’s tourists are again travelers looking for new authentic experiences, not mass tourists looking for a unified offer in any part of the world, and Croatia can certainly offer that, all 12 months of the year.”Said Ivana Kolar, director of Julius Rose and conference organizer, long-time director of Terme Tuhelj.The conference is intended for: directors and presidents of large tourism companies, entrepreneurs and craftsmen involved in the tourism process and income, representatives of tourism and business institutions, representatives of tourist boards, professional and other associations, and all persons and entities that are or could be, involved in Croatian tourism, and who want to have direct impact on the development of year-round tourism in Croatia.On the page www.turizam365.com all information about the conference and registration can be found, and there is also the possibility of active participation in the conference. You can also see the invitation to include your suggestions and ideas and information on planned and implemented projects to improve year-round tourism in Croatia. The most interesting proposals will be presented at the conference itself.HrTurizaam.hr is a proud partner and media sponsor of the conference: Can Croatian Tourism 365?last_img read more

VLM Airlines established direct flights from Maribor to Split and Dubrovnik

first_imgThis week, VLM Airlines started flights on two new airlines between its Slovenian base in Maribor and two popular Croatian destinations – Split and Dubrovnik.Regular flights between Maribor to Split and Dubrovnik will be operated during August, every Tuesday, with a turboprop Fokker 50. Tickets for these flights are on sale at a price of 39 euros one way on the line from Maribor to Split and 49 euros on the route from Maribor to Dubrovnik. According to VLM Airlines, in the coming period they will publish more details about the planned flight schedule during the winter season, which begins on October 29, 2017.The Belgian company SHS Antwerp Aviation NV and the Slovenian airline VLM Airlines dd have started air traffic under the brand “VLM Airlines”. Both companies are owned by the Dutch investment company SHS Aviation BV The owners of SHS Aviation BV are Dutch investors with 60% and Canadian investors with 40%. VLM Airlines has a fleet of 6 Fokker 50 aircraft. Each aircraft can carry 50 passengers. This summer, VLM Airlines will maintain 15 routes, connecting 11 destinations in five countries. At the moment, VLM Airlines employs 55 aviation professionals.last_img read more

This year the focus is on quality versus quantity – Advent in Zagreb

first_imgThe best Advent in Europe starts on Saturday 2 December and will run, along with New Year’s events, until 7 January 2018. Thus, on Saturday, in addition to the traditional lighting of the 1st Advent candle on Manduševac and the grand opening of the Ice Park and Advent on Zrinjevac, Advent on the European Square, Fuliranje, Christmas fairy tale and others will open. On Sunday, December 3, Advent in the Upper Town opens, which includes: Advent on Vranicanijeva poljana – The Story from Grič, Advent in the Klovićevi dvori Gallery, Advent on the Strauss and Advent in the Tunnel.The new slogan of the best Advent in Europe is: Sugar comes at the end of the year! Advent in Zagreb, and also this year Zagreb will compete for the title of the best European Christmas Fair 2018 and will try to be the best in Europe for the third year in a row. This year, the focus is on quality versus quantity, said the director of the Zagreb Tourist Board, Martina Bienenfeld, “Of course thanks to analyzes of last year’s Advent we concluded that last year there were too many locations that were in Advent. So this year we have reduced the number of locations with Advent content by as much as seven locations. ” points out Bienenfeld.The Zagreb Tourist Board and its partners have prepared new programs for many visitors and citizens, especially Advent at Prekrižje, which was realized in cooperation with the Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia, and other novelties are: Advent at the Croatian Railway Museum, Advent at the ZOO, Advent in Marićev prolaz and Caffe de Matoš. The Advent spirit will bring to life the HDLU where the exhibition Nikola Tesla – Mind from the future is set, and you will be able to experience the real warmth of Christmas in the Parish of St. Blaža where the exhibition of the same name is held. There are also traditional programs such as: Living Christmas Nativity Scene, From the Christmas Balconies in Zagreb, special programs in MUO, HNK, Mimara, Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum, and, of course, the Advent program on Ban Jelačić Square, Advent wreath in Bogovićeva, Gajeva and surrounding streets and the Gift with a Story project as part of the Super Christmas program.By the way, Advent in Zagreb is the most important event in our capital, and last year there was an increase of 34% in arrivals and 37% in overnight stays. Namely, according to the data of the Tourist Board, in December 2016, 94.573 arrivals and 169.095 overnight stays were recorded, while in December 2015, 70.551 arrivals and 123.734 overnight stays were recorded.All news, service information about the parking lot and special ZET lines, as well as details of individual programs are available on the website Advent in Zagreblast_img read more

HUT: Any change should be created and implemented in cooperation with the entire sector, which unfortunately was not the case in the preparation of new legislation

first_imgThe Croatian Tourism Association (HUT) welcomes the beginning of changes in the structure and functioning of the system of tourist boards announced in the published draft laws: the Law on Tourist Boards and the Promotion of Croatian Tourism, the Draft Law on Tourist Tax and the Draft Law on Membership Fees in Tourist Boards. but also points out that in passing the new Laws did not consult with the profession.HUT points out that any change should go towards strengthening the competitiveness of Croatian tourism and be created and implemented in cooperation with the entire sector. Unfortunately, this was not the case in the preparation of these legal proposals, as well as the previous ones, when in two years the amount of the sojourn tax, without any structural and detailed analysis and consultation with the sector, was raised twice.”Redefining the tasks of individual levels of the system, organizing local tourist boards on the principles of the organization that manages the destination, specific financial incentives for the association of tourist boards, decentralization of the distribution of funds, determining the maximum amount that can be used for salaries, starting certain economic activities. own revenues by performing activities on the market, has the support of all entities gathered in the Croatian Tourism Association (HUT), which are in addition to the two most famous professional associations (Croatian Hotel Employers Association and the Croatian Camping Association) and the largest Croatian hotel company generating 70% of total revenue Croatian Hotel Industry ”HUT believes that the proposal to reduce the share of individual members of the tourist board from the existing 40% to 25% is not acceptable, as it will reduce the share of tourism workers in local community assemblies, and decisions will potentially be made by people not directly related to tourism. “We can understand the intention of the legislator that no member has a majority in the Assembly of the Tourist Board, but we believe that the proposed further reduction to 25% will be counterproductive. If we want to increase the quality of Croatian tourism, we need to enable professional tourism workers to sit in tourist bodies. In addition, we remind you that there is already a limit by which the total paid sojourn or tourist tax is limited to 25% of the total paid. “ HUT points out and adds that the association of tourist communities should be more strongly (with greater resources) financially stimulated, because in many cases it is necessary, for efficiency and market logic, at the level of a tourist-recognizable area or region, to promote and develop new products. is provided by the draft law.In conclusion, HUT points out that the proposed changes are a qualitative step forward compared to the current situation, but expect continuous improvements in the legislative framework for the functioning of tourist boards in response to increasingly demanding market challenges facing the entire tourism sector.RELATED NEWS:HUNT ON FAMILY ACCOMMODATION AND POSSIBLE CONSEQUENCESHUB: IT IS NOT LOGICAL THAT BANKS WHICH DO NOT PERFORM REGISTERED TOURIST OR SERVICE ACTIVITIES ARE EXPECTED TO BE SUBJECT TO THE LAW ON TOURIST MEMBERSHIP FEESMINISTRY OF TOURISM PRESENTS DRAFT PROPOSAL OF TOURIST LAW PACKAGESlast_img read more

RokOtok project: Swim to survive

first_imgRokOtok is conceived as a memory of the father and son spending time together and their numerous joint adventures and games that were interrupted by Rok’s premature departure. One of the planned adventures was a tour of all 50 inhabited Croatian islands in search of the most beautiful beach with collecting points as they looked at the night sky and looked for the lights of airplanes and satellites, or best of all – shooting stars. The fish was accompanied on the trip – the first of the projects planned for now – by numerous unknown and well-known swimmers, amateurs and professionals: water polo player Miho Bošković, swimmers Dina Levačić, Antonija Buličić and Toni Pavičić Donkić…, only some of them, and except one large tuna, Pisces is a society in the sea and a few Adriatic bottlenose dolphins. photo: РокОток FB The fish fulfilled one wish, but also the promise of Roko on July 30, when he swam in the morning from Drvenik Veli to the bay of Ljubljeva on Ciovo, the 17th island station on his more than 100-kilometer-long swimming adventure that lasted 24 days. feel free to say night…, because when he swam one of the sections, instead of resting, he hung out with kids and their parents at educational workshops, and then, between massaging a sore shoulder and hanging out with local RokOtočani, he would sit at a computer and post on social networks, sent reports to numerous media who could hardly wait for any new news and communicated with the RokOtočani associates who remained in Zagreb. On the islands, a total of more than 2.000 children met Pisces in a protected area and would swim with him to the shore, where they then talked about adventures, travel, ecology, Croatia, islands…, after which they would look for hidden treasure and walk around the island, getting to know with its cultural and historical heritage. From the very beginning, the project was extremely well covered by the media from the very beginning – while it still existed only as a semi-elaborated idea in Riba’s head: on average, there were about 15 publications on portals, 3-4 articles in the press, and neither radio nor TV. the stations were not immune to “the most beautiful Croatian summer story”. Numerous individuals who got involved in the project in various ways were an integral part of the emotion-filled story: Red Cross rescuers offered their services, employees of police administrations and port authorities, employees of tourist boards and offices, local Rok Islanders who helped about the organization of socializing on the beaches, accommodation, food and drink and donations. RokOtok was helped by numerous sponsors: Sport Vision, Croatian National Tourist Board, Raiffeisen Bank, Rio Mare, Adriatic osiguranje, Crodux, Offertissima, Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, Breyer Polyclinic, Infinum, Baby Center, Tele2, Božičević Editions, Yes I Do, Hangar 18, Croatia Mensa, FoodApp The swimming sections were on average 6.000 meters long, and the two most demanding from Mljet to Korčula and Hvar to Vis and over 17 kilometers – we should not forget that the sea is not always calm and warm as it is in swimming pools… “Stop telling me fairy tales before bed, I want to hear all about the most beautiful beaches” – is the sentence with which the boy Rok gave the idea to his dad, geography professor Domagoj Jakopović for the project #RokOtok and a book of the same name. After this summer, the rest of Croatia knows about Domagoj, who may not have met him as RibaFish, editor, journalist, blogger, and more recently as a writer. photo: РокОток FB And it wasn’t just because summer is pickle season! Riba’s story and his laudable goal – to encourage children and parents to socialize more – touched the painful place of anyone who is aware of (in) quality spending time with their loved ones, especially children. An hour for children without any electronics success is equal to surviving a month on a desert island. We must certainly not forget Riba’s closest team that accompanied him on the ship and took turns as needed: Rokotok member Kasandra Draganić – “cat for all”, doctors Marija and Ana Štanjel, and Ena Kurtić, skippers Lovro Urod and Dominik Perković, rescuers Ivan Jurić, Todor Jurjević and Nikola Stračárova, cameraman Igor Bogdanović. The background invisible operational support was more or less successfully performed by other members of the Rokotok association from Zagreb: it was necessary to collect gifts and books and send them to the islands, prepare contracts and press clippings, maintain the website www.rokotok….last_img read more

FlixBus in Croatia records a 75% increase in the number of passengers

first_imgExcellent connections, high frequency of departures, affordable prices and the inclusion of new destinations in the FlixBus network have resulted in an increase in the number of passengers in Croatia by 75% compared to the summer months last year.  Thanks to the strong growth and development of the FlixBus network, after Zagreb, as the largest hub of FlixBus lines in Croatia, connected directly to more than 250 destinations throughout Croatia and Europe, Split became the second largest hub with more than 40 daily departures during the summer season. “Thanks to the strong global expansion and better connection of Croatian cities with an increasing number of European countries, Croatia is becoming more easily accessible, which also affects the greater influx of passengers and tourists. Also, by expanding the network of domestic lines, we have simplified travel planning for passengers by allowing them a greater choice of available destinations.”Said Petra Trojko, Public Relations Manager for the FlixBus CEE South region. The first wave of new lines started at the beginning of 2019 by connecting destinations within Croatia and with new destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dubrovnik also joined the FlixBus network by connecting directly with Zagreb and Split. The second wave continued the expansion, which increased the frequency of departures not only from Zagreb but also from Split, which for the first time directly connects with Budapest, Vienna and Paris.  The FlixBus green network of bus lines extends to 29 European countries and connects 2000 destinations with 350.000 daily lines. During the season, the number of departures between Zagreb and Split increased, while Rijeka was directly connected with Zadar and Berlin and Prague. Also, with the recent entry of Serbia into the FlixBus network, Zagreb and Split and Pula, Rovinj, Rijeka, Zadar and Šibenik are connected with Belgrade. In Croatia, almost 130 cities are currently connected by a green network, and from Croatia it is possible to travel directly to 12 countries: Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. With the expansion of the FlixBus network, the Croatia line is available to an increasing number of passengers The most visited destinations in Croatia this summer were the cities of Zagreb, Split and Zadar, while this year they were joined by Dubrovnik.last_img read more

The project of the Bečar Museum as an interpretation center was presented in Pleternica

first_img“The Bečar Museum is designed so that when you enter you have a space where you will buy a ticket, where you will get basic information, take headphones or you will hire a companion to lead the group through the museum. You will be able to go through the museum in a group or individually. It is designed to introduce you to the heritage of a Bečar, to get to know who is a Bečar and who is Bečar, to present Bečar through the life of a man from the cradle and throughout life, Bečar is also connected in the context of world heritage because it is not a tune that is only associated with Pleternica, it is a tune that is sung throughout Slavonia, in Baranja, even parts of Vojvodina and Hungary. The Bečar Museum will not be what can be heard talking to citizens, various exhibits behind glass, but it will be a presentation of heritage with all modern techniques: music, video and visual recordings, and at some point you will even have the feeling of running through the cereal fields. I believe that we will open the doors of the museum in a year or a year and a half at the latest”, Said Antonija Jozic, the mayor of Pleternica. RELATED NEWS: Dragana Lucija Ratković Aydemir, founder and director of the company Muza, explains that the future Museum of Bečar will be a real contemporary museum that will use all the latest museological techniques, which will tell a traditional heritage culture in a modern way. “It will be in the museum and folk costumes and other objects, because it is very important, but we will use other methods to contextualize these objects. First of all, this is not a museum of folk costumes, but a museum of Bečar. And the fugitive is running. So, we have to figure out how the becarac will be in focus all the time, but then we will, of course, talk about other anthropological, ethnographic, historical phenomena that are associated with the becarac.”, Explained Ratković Aydemir and added that a large team is working on the project. Bećarac is on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage, and the Bećarac Museum is part of a large project led by the City of Pakrac with the City of Pleternica as one of the partners. Thus, Pleternica, in addition to Trg bećarca, will also have the Museum of Bećarca. Source / photo: Požega guide; Gradonačelnik.hr The presentation was conceived in such a way that the visitors were presented part by part of the project, and after each presentation a form was filled in in which remarks and suggestions were entered. The event was organized by the City of Pleternica and the company Muza from Zagreb, which deals with consulting and management in culture and tourism, reports Požega guide.center_img “The total value of the project is around 65 million kuna and the Pleternica part is 30 million kuna with which we will cover the costs of finishing the interior, now it is in the unfinished phase, the cost of equipping the museum and the salary of workers who will work in the museum until mid-2023. Until then, the museum should be ‘strengthened’, we will promote it well at the national level, so that it can be mostly financed by the programs that will work, and very little from the city budget.”, Jozić explained to you, for the portal Gradonačelnik.hr, and concluded that the museum will bring tourists and visitors to Pleternica, and we all know how tourism affects the environment, the number of accommodation facilities, service trades and companies is growing. Photo: City of Pleternica Last week, the future Bečar Museum was presented in the hall of the Croatian Library and Reading Room in Pleternica. The Bečar Museum, as well as the interpretation center, will be located in the heart of Pleternica – on the Bečar Square. The museum will also include a souvenir shop and a café, and the museum itself will be designed on two floors. The first can be seen by citizens already passing through the passage under the stands located on Trg bećarca, and the second, the main part of the museum, will be located in the basement below the stands. The total area of ​​the museum will be 1.400 square meters. Some of the contents of the museum that could be seen at the presentation are the Small House of Graševina and the exhibition unit Bećarski kalendar. THE IMPORTANCE OF INTERPRETATION OF HERITAGE – THE STORY OF THE CULTURAL ROUTE OF BEĆARAC AND THE GANGAlast_img read more

Open applications for the best family accommodation Tourist flower – Quality for Croatia

first_imgPhoto: HGK The best accommodation in 11 categories will be evaluated: the best accommodation on the coast (sea, lake, river), in the city, for family, active vacation, wellness vacation, stay with pets, accommodation without barriers, eco accommodation, accommodation in nature and the best accommodation in rural tourism. As part of the Tourist Flower – Quality for Croatia 2019 campaign, the evaluation of family accommodation will be carried out this year as well, and the best will be awarded prizes and recognitions. “The evaluation process will be carried out in two phases. The first phase consists of the collection and processing of physical indicators, while in the second phase the expert commission evaluates qualitative indicators with special emphasis on specialized services and facilities offered by the facility.”Point out from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. The Tourist Flower – Quality award for Croatia recognizes the best in Croatian tourism for quality and excellence. The Croatian Chamber of Commerce has been conducting evaluations since 1997, and since 2015 for family accommodation, in order to make the public aware of the importance of accommodation providers in the household and to reward the best. The holder of the evaluation of family accommodation is the Family Tourism Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, and for the Tourist Flower – Quality for Croatia 2019 you can apply HERE The award ceremony will be held as part of the National Forum of Family Accommodation, which is being held in Pazin this year on March 27 and 28. 2020last_img read more

UNWTO: Stay home today, so you can travel tomorrow

first_imgIf we stay home today, we can travel tomorrow. In a message of solidarity and hope #TravelTomorrow, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) calls for the shared responsibility of travelers and the tourism sector around the world to address the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Discovering different cultures, practicing solidarity and respect, caring for the environment, continuing learning, fostering decent work, development and sustainability, creating new opportunities for all, are the core values ​​of tourism advocated by the World Tourism Organization, and these are the main pillars of the #TravelTomorrow campaign. . “Historically, tourism has proven to be a key driver of international recovery. We must start preparing now to build the foundations for the future resilience of tourism. ”said UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili. STAY HOME TODAY, #TRAVELTOMORROW The Global Tourism Crisis Committee, chaired by the UNWTO, also supported this initiative as part of the recommendations it developed to address the crisis. Among the Committee’s recommendations is the need for financial and political support for recovery measures targeted at the tourism sector, in coordination with international development organizations, to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on employment, protect the most vulnerable segments of society and accelerate recovery. A digital platform has been created for resources that provide the opportunity for each individual, business or institutional user to join this initiative, offering elements such as images for social media profiles, electronic signatures, as well as relevant audio-visual content on tourism and COVID-19. This online campaign, according to the UNWTO, has had a major impact on social media and encompasses a growing number of countries, destinations and companies associated with tourism, cities, media and individuals from around the world. Countries like Germany, Morocco, Mongolia, Oman and Uruguay, as well as cities like Bogota or Vienna, have already approved the hashtag #TravelTomorrow, thus amplifying the voice of tourism united in the face of this unprecedented global challenge.last_img read more