Knowing the signs and how to best treat Seasonal Affective Disorder

first_imgTry these options if you’re feeling a bit down this time of year, and if symptoms continue be sure to see your doctor. “The temperature doesn’t have anything to do with it. But the decrease in sunshine does. The days are shorter and just the way that the Earth and the Sun are situated we are not getting the intense sunlight,” said Dr. Shah. Typically the sun is a little harder to come by this time of year, and it can lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder. So how can this be treated? Getting sunlight, whether naturally or through light therapy, is the best place to start. (WBNG) — While sunshine has been a little easier to come by thus far this winter, the season is far from over. “People feel depressed in the months of winter, from November through February let’s say. Their mood could be lowered, mainly lowered from the symptoms of depression,” said Director of Sleep Lab at Lourdes Hospital Dr. Zia Shah. “The key is to get as much exposure to sunshine as we can. So they could take a walk during their lunch break if the sun is out. They could plan some vacation in the south, or where there would be more sunshine,” said Dr. Shah. Two other treatment options work as well if additional sunlight is hard to find. Some of the symptoms include anxiety, fatigue, loss of interest and mood swings. “The second most important thing would be to get exercise. These people would also have decreased Vitamin D levels, and that is one of the causes of decreased exposure of the skin to ultra-violet rays and so forth. But Vitamin D deficiency would make them tired and they could take Vitamin D supplements,” said Dr. Shah. Though this disorder occurs mainly at higher latitudes during the colder months, temperature actually doesn’t play a role.last_img read more

Binghamton man arrested following two armed robberies

first_imgHe also is charged with one count of robbery in the 2nd degree in connection with another armed robbery that happened on March 15 at the Speedway gas station at 63 Main Street. BINGHAMTON (WBNG)- Binghamton Police have arrested a man who allegedly committed two armed robberies at two separate gas stations. Pruitt is being held for arraignment. Binghamton Police arrested 34 year old Lucas Pruitt of Binghamton on Wednesday morning. Pruitt is charged with one count of robbery in the 2nd degree in connection with an armed robbery that happened at the Kwik Fill gas station at 263 Main Street on March 9. last_img

Former Spartan adjusts to a freshman year like no other

first_img(WBNG) — Former Maine-Endwell football player Ryan Brozovic will continue his athletic career at Ithaca College, but his freshman season will look much different than he expected. This summer, Brozovic trained with workout plans sent from his new team. “I was looking forward to going up there, seeing all the coaches meeting the teammates,” he said. Brozovic is staying positive, knowing eventually he’ll take the field at Ithaca. After the Liberty League postponed the season, Brozovic was still looking forward to moving to campus and training with his team once allowed. “They’ve been really good with this process and during this crazy time,” he said. “It’s hard to find motivation but you still have to look past that and stay motivated for the future,” he said. “When the time comes you have to be ready.” Earlier this week, Ithaca College switched to remote learning for the fall semester. This move came a few weeks after the Liberty League postponed the fall sports season. “To hear the news about not going up to campus that was disappointing because I was looking forward to having the college life as much as I can,” said Brozovic. For the time being, Brozovic said his coaches get the team together on Zoom. Brozovic will be joined by Chenango Valley’s Anthony Forbidussi, and Owego’s Gio Fabi. “I’ve been fortunate enough to work out in my friend’s garage so I was fortunate enough with that and I’ve been conditioning on the field,” he said. Brozovic said he was devastated to hear the news. last_img read more

Gov. Cuomo update on NYS COVID-19 progress states Broome County at 3.53% positivity

first_img“As with everything, context is key: Cases are surging around the country and around the globe. In a sea of division and a sea of COVID chaos, our ship of state is sailing well,” the Governor said. Governor Cuomo says in all focus zones in the state, the rate of positive testing for the virus yesterday was at 3.01%, while the remainder of the state saw a positivity rate of 1.3% yesterday. NEW YORK (WBNG) — Governor Andrew Cuomo has given an update on the state’s progress with the coronavirus in cluster areas of concern and the state as a whole. The Governor reported 1,121 hospitalizations due to the coronavirus, and 8 deaths related to COVID yesterday. One of those deaths was in Broome County and one was in Tioga County. Broome County as a yellow zone focus area recorded a positivity rate of 3.53% yesterday. center_img He says including both focus zone and non-focus zone areas, New York State has a positivity rate of 1.49%. The Southern Tier as a whole saw a rate of 1% positivity. Governor Cuomo said, “… New Yorkers should be very proud of where we are, but we also need to stay vigilant — wear a mask, wash your hands, socially distance, and stay New York Tough.”last_img read more