To catch a fraudster: FBI stops criminals with tips from CO-OP shared branching credit unions

first_imgCriminals are at their best when victims are unaware. Financial crooks, especially, are most handsomely enriched when they can pull off their cons quickly before their marks get wise. Aside from speed, payment fraudsters – from check-kiters to identity thieves – also pay close attention to geography. In some cases, it makes sense for them to stay close to the victimized individual or organization to evade fraud prevention efforts triggered by zip code. In other situations, crooks must jump from city to city, or state to state, to keep ahead of local law enforcement. For this reason, it’s more important than ever for credit unions to be a part of a national fraud prevention network like CO-OP Shared Branch.Here are three recent incidents that highlight what happens with credit unions across the nation work together to advance fraud detection and prevention.Fraud Ring Accomplice Stopped by Illinois TellerFor three months in the early part of this year, one particularly nasty perpetrator was committing identity fraud in credit union branches in several different states, including New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Texas and Florida. CO-OP, acting in collaboration with several different law enforcement agencies and credit union organizations, ultimately got her off the streets and out of the movement’s branches.As the crook, who is believed to be part of a larger identity theft ring, made her moves, CO-OP engaged a syndicate of state networks and credit unions to gather security images and additional information on each fraud incident. After all the details were compiled, a fraud alert was distributed across the entire CO-OP Shared Branch network, reaching 1,800 credit unions and their frontline staff.Shortly thereafter, a credit union teller in Illinois recognized the woman as she entered the branch. The teller contacted police, and the thief was arrested. CO-OP continued to support law enforcement post-arrest by working with the U.S. Secret Service to assist with the suspect’s interrogation.25 Driver’s Licenses and 60 Fake Checks Found on SuspectMore recently, a  thief in Virginia had been purchasing merchandize with counterfeit checks issued by a credit union. Thanks to the fast-acting of credit unions in the CO-OP Shared Branch network, the impacted state’s credit union league and the FBI, the perpetrator was captured before he could do more damage.When arrested, he was in possession of 50 credit union- and bank-issued checkbooks, 60 loose checks and more than 25 driver’s licenses all with the same name. According to the arresting officer, the suspect had reported his driver’s license lost multiple times. Each time, he successfully secured a new card with a new driver’s license number. Armed with this collection of fake IDs, he had the opportunity to continue his spree for many months had he not been stopped.Georgia ID Used to Steal from Colorado Member in North CarolinaJust last month, a Colorado credit union member noticed unusual withdrawals from her account. The transactions had occurred in North Carolina. The perpetrator had used a counterfeit Georgia driver’s license to request cash withdrawals at three different credit union branches within the same local area. CO-OP quickly alerted the state league and published a fraud alert, including an image of the suspect. Thanks to the notification, credit union staff in North Carolina recognized and denied the crook’s request when she visited their branch. Days later a second credit union’s staff member, who also recognized the perpetrator from the alerts, called the authorities who ultimately arrested the suspect.Credit Unions Link Together to Fight FraudAs these incidents demonstrate, collaboration is critical to thwarting the fast-moving, far-reaching payment crimes of today. When part of a network like CO-OP Shared Branch, credit unions can quickly communicate fraud trends, incidents, tips and tricks. Collaboration with law enforcement is also easier when credit unions are connected and working together to fight fraud.Just as credit unions share information with law enforcement, agencies like the U.S. Secret Service regularly share crime intel with credit unions via CO-OP’s fraud team. For example, the agency recently shared detailed instructions, authored by a convicted and incarcerated identity thief, on how to create a credit union member profile. The instructions had been scrolled on a writing pad discovered in a prison cell. Armed with real-time information like this, the movement’s ability to not only spot, but predict, payment fraud scams is immediately enhanced.The Complete PictureStopping all fraud is a lofty goal, but one credit unions and CO-OP’s fraud team pursues none-the-less. The combination of human talent with advanced technology like machine learning is creating a very unfriendly environment for even the savviest of fraudsters. Relentless, creative and tenacious, collective fraud teams across the network have contributed to a fraud loss rate of .003 percent from January to June of this year. Ongoing collaboration between law enforcement, credit union networks, state leagues and other credit union organizations is proving to be an effective defense against fraud. 125SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Marinex Secures St. Augustine Beach Renourishment Contract

first_imgThe U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District, awarded a $9.5 million contract to Marinex Construction, Inc. for the next scheduled renourishment of the St. Johns County Shore Protection Project.According to the Corps, the project will renourish critically eroded shoreline between the southern limits of Anastasia State Park (8thSt.) in St. Augustine Beach.“This project exemplifies the great partnership between the Corps and St. Johns County,” said Project Manager Jason Harrah. The cost share is 80.5% federal and 19.5% non-federal.Construction is expected to begin in November and will last for approximately three months. The contractor will place approximately 800,000 cubic yards of beach quality sand from the navigation channel and ebb shoal onto eroded areas.The purpose of the project is to mitigate for down-drift shoreline impacts caused by the federal navigation channel at St. Augustine Inlet, and provide storm damage reduction for upland development.A community meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 2nd at 6 p.m. at the St. Augustine Beach City Hall. The purpose of the meeting is to provide information about the project, and any potential impacts to the area. A brief presentation will be followed by a question and answer period.[mappress mapid=”24416″]last_img read more

ICC World Cup ICC World Cup India vs West Indies: India beat West Indies by 125 runs

first_imgNew Delhi: West Indies are officially knocked out of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 as the Indian team sealed 125-run win at Old Trafford in Manchester. Batting first, Indian skipper Virat Kohli set the game beautifully for the team as he timed the ball perfectly to score 72 runs off 82 balls. His performance along with MS Dhoni’s heroics lower down the order helped India to regsister 268 runs. In response, West Indies was all over the place as they kept losing wickets and eventually fell short by 125 runs. Mohammad Shami was the pick of the bowler as he registered 4/16 in 6.2 overs. To sum up, it has been an uninspiring performance from West Indies and clinical from India.22:21 hrs IST: That’s it from us. Hope you enjoyed our coverage as much as we did to bring this to you. Do join us for tomorrow’s game as Sri Lanka play South Africa at Riverside Ground, Chester-le-Street. Till then, it’s goodbye from Vedant and Siddharth. Keep cheering for team India and enjoy the World Cup. 22:17 hrs IST: Virat Kohli has been awarded as the man-of-the-match for his 72 runs off 82 balls. 22:14 hrs IST: WICKET! Virat Kohli brought Mohammad Shami back into the attack and he produces results straightaway. He bowled a short of a length delivery to Oshane Thomas and he had no answers what so ever. India win by 125 runs and have knocked West Indies out of 2019 World Cup. India occupies second position in the points table, winning fifth out of six league games they have played. 22:13 hrs IST: Couple of boundaries in 34th over. It’s 143/9. 22:08 hrs IST: Both Thomas and Roach have quietly gone about their business, says Harsha Bhogle on air and righly so! The duo has strung a partnership of 11 runs in 19 balls. After 33 overs, it’s 135/9. 22:06 hrs IST: DROPPED! Oh dear! India was close to victory two ocassions but a tricky catch (Rohit Sharma) and sloppy work (KL Rahul) in deep denied India a win in this 32nd over. After 32 overs, 129/9. 21:59 hrs IST: MAIDEN OVER! Another good over from Kuldeep over. The score remains the same – The margin remains the same. After 31 overs, it’s 124/9. 21:54 hrs IST: WICKET! The over started with a four and six but the brief innings from Cottrell didn’t last long. Chahal bowled a googly and Cottrell couldn’t read it. Departs for 10. After 30 overs, it’s 124/9. 21:51 hrs IST: It has been a performance to remember from India. After so long, Indian bowlers have been performing consistently. Just two runs from Shami’s over and gets all-important wicket. After 29 overs, it’s 114/8. 21:46 hrs IST: WICKET! Shimron Hetmyer falls. Full ball outside off, Hetmyer flays the cut and is caught at point. Shami takes the wicket and West Indies are 112/8 in the 29th over.21:43 hrs IST: India do not appeal for a catch against Shimron Hetmyer. Replays showed that he was out. West Indies are 112/7 after 28 overs.21:38 hrs IST: No hat-trick for Bumrah. Roach keeps out the slow dipping yorker and India are just three wickets away from a win. West Indies are 107/7 in the 27th over. It is also a DOUBLE-WICKET MAIDEN.21:33 hrs IST: WICKETS! Brilliant catch from MS Dhoni. Stunner. Back of a length delivery angled in, Brathwaite stabs at it and the edge is taken by Dhoni who takes a one-handed stunner diving to his right. Next ball, he traps Fabian Allen LBW and even the review can’t save him. Can he do a Shami?21:31 hrs IST: Hetmyer creams a boundary to deep extra cover and West Indies are 107/5 after 26 overs.21:27 hrs IST: Bumrah is into the attack and the asking rate mounts. West Indies are 101/5 after 25 overs.21:20 hrs IST: WICKET! That was on the cards. Windies are not picking the wristspinners. Holder mistimes the lofted drive to Yuzvendra Chahal’s legspin and holes out to extra cover. West Indies are 98/5 in the 24th over.21:17 hrs IST: Kuldeep appeals for an LBW but it is not given. West Indies are 97/4 after 23 overs.21:13 hrs IST: Dhoni continues to struggle behind the wickets as he concedes yet another boundary through byes. West Indies are 92/4 after 22 overs.21:07 hrs IST: The rebuilding phase begins for West Indies. Two new batsmen at the crease and one has to say, it wouldn’t be easy. After 21 overs, it’s 84/4. 21:05 hrs IST: WICKET! Kuldeep strikes! He tossed the ball up and Pooram tried to play away from his body, eventually the bat turns and he gets caught on long off. Departs for 28. After 20.2 overs, it’s 80/4. 21:03 hrs IST: The first 20 overs are done and dusted and Indian team is able to dominate the game perfectly. After 20 overs, it’s 80/3. 20:59 hrs IST: Four runs from it. After 19 overs, it’s 75/3. 20:54 hrs IST: WICKET! Oh dear! Just when the partnership started to look good, Sunil Ambris lost his concentration and eventually his wicket. Pandya bowled a good length delivery which came into the righ hander and he missed it completely. After 18 overs, it’s 71/3. 20:53 hrs IST: 50-run partnership between Nicholas Pooran and Sunil Ambris.20:48 hrs IST: Four came off the over. The ball isn’t doing much for Kuldeep Yadav. After 17 overs, it’s 60/2. 20:43 hrs IST: Six came off the first three balls and none of the next three. After 16 overs, it’s 56/2. 20:38 hrs IST: Ones and twos – that’s exactly what West Indies are managing at the moment. 50-up for the team in 15 overs. And it’s time for DRINKS.20:33 hrs IST: The pressure is building on both Sunil and Pooran. Runs are just not coming and Indian bowlers are able to build pressure. After 14 overs, it’s 45/2.20:28 hrs IST: Hardik Pandya, in his second over gave some hiccups to West Indies batsmen. 5 came from it. After 12 overs, it’s 39/2. 20:22 hrs IST: Spinner introduced for the first time in second innings. Slight turn experienced in the first over of Kuldeep’s spell and five came from it. After 11 overs, it’s 34/2. 20:19 hrs IST: Runs are just not coming for West Indies. The first ten overs belong to India here. They came with a set plan and were able to execute it perfectly. After 10 overs, it’s 29/2. 20:14 hrs IST: Four runs from the over. After 9 overs, it’s 25/2. 20:08 hrs IST: Five runs from the over and the onus to get the innings back on the track is on Sunil and Nicholas now. After 8 overs, it’s 21/2. 20:01 hrs IST: WICKET! Two in two overs for Mohammad Shami. Shami bowled a good length delivery and Hope tried to play away from his body and gets an inside edge onto the stumps. This is a BIG wicket for India. After 7 overs, it’s 16/2. 19:50 hrs IST: WICKET! Mohammad Shami bowled a short of a length delivery and Chris Gayle failed to time it. Shami is continuing Afghanistan’s form against West Indies. Departs for 6. After 5 overs, it’s 10/1. 19:46 hrs IST: West Indies is off to slow and safe start. The duo doesn’t want to throw their wicket away against India’s prime bowlers, After 4 overs, it’s 9/0. 19:41 hrs IST: Both the batsmen are still applying themselves in middle. Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammad Shami have been able to bowl in the right line and not letting the batsmen to go after him. After 3 overs, it’s 7/0.19:37 hrs IST: Gayle survives a testing over from Shami and he gets going with a streaky four. West Indies 5/0 after two overs.18:57 hrs IST: MS Dhoni, you legend! You freak! Blasts two sixes in the final over as India reach 268/7. This is Dhoni’s 72nd fifty. This will be a very tricky chase for West Indies.18:50 hrs IST: WICKET! Cottrell gets another one. Short ball on leg stump, Shami goes for the pull and he gloves it to Shai Hope. India are 252/7 in 48.5 overs.18:48 hrs IST: WICKET! Pandya’s blitz has ended. Full and wide ball from Sheldon Cottrell and Pandya slices the drive to extra cover only for the fielder to take the catch. India are 250/6 after 48.2 overs18:43 hrs IST: Pandya is playing an absolute gem as Oshan Thomas concedes 11 runs. After 48 overs, India are 249/5.18:38 hrs IST: Pandya is nearing his fifty and Dhoni is giving him good company. After 47 overs, India are 238/5.18:34 hrs IST: MS Dhoni finally blasts a boundary off Brathwaite. After 46 overs, India are 229/5.18:30 hrs IST: Another superb over from Cottrell. After 45 overs, India are 219/5. Can India cross 250?18:25 hrs IST: Another expensive over from Brathwaite as Pandya hita a boundary. After 44 overs, India are 214/5.18:21 hrs IST: Sheldon Cottrell bowls a good over and India are 204/5 after 43 overs. 18:14 hrs IST: Carlos Brathwaite is into the attack and Hardik Pandya slams a boundary. The bowler is under pressure as he concedes 13 runs in his first over. India are 200/5 after 42 overs.18:10 hrs IST: Jason Holder finishes his spell. Brillant numbers: 10-2-33-2. India are 187/5 after 41 overs.18:05 hrs IST: Fabian Allen bowls another tight over and India are 186/5 after 40 overs. Dhoni is batting slowly and Hardik Pandya is the key.18:02 hrs IST: Hardik Pandya gets off the mark with a boundary as Oshane Thomas misfields. India are 184/5 after 39 overs.18:00 hrs IST: WICKET! That is a massive wicket! Kohli can’t believe it. Short ball and Kohli miscues the pull shot to be caught at midwicket for 72. India are 180/5 after 38.2 overs.17:57 hrs IST: West Indies are getting in some tight overs as the run-rate is just below five for India. After 38 overs, India are 176/4.17:47 hrs IST: Roach ends an exceptional spell and he ends with 10-0-36-3. However, Kohli and Dhoni hold the key. After 35 overs India are 166/4.17:40 hrs IST: CHANCE! MS Dhoni is dropped, he survives a run-out and a stumping. Dhoni was so far down the track but Shai Hope fluffed the chance. India are 155/4 in 33.2 overs.17:37 hrs IST: West Indies are bowling some tight overs and India are 154/4 after 33 overs. Kohli and Dhoni have to hang in until the death.17:30 hrs IST: Another tight over from Roach and he has figures of 3/30. India are 150/4 after 31 overs.17:23 hrs IST: Dhoni gets going with a cut boundary to deep backward point and India are 148/4 after 30 overs.17:15 hrs IST: WICKET! Brilliant use of the review from West Indies. Good length ball and it holds its line outside off, Kedar Jadhav looks to steer it down to third man but gets a faint edge. RTS shows a faint mark and Jadhav falls for 7. India are 140/4 after 28.5 overs.17:08 hrs IST: FIFTY! Brilliant stuff from Virat Kohli as he notches up his 53rd fifty. What a run-machine. Can he get a big one today? India are 133/3 after 27.3 overs.17:02 hrs IST: WICKET! Brilliant ball from Roach. Full ball angled in and it straightens a touch, Shankar gets the edge and Shai Hope takes the catch diving to his right. India are 126/3 in the 27th over.17:00 hrs IST: Virat Kohli glances a ball from Cottrell to the fine leg fence as he nears his fifty. India are 126/2 after 26 overs.16:54 hrs IST: MILESTONE! Virat Kohli passes 20,000 international runs. What a champion. Shankar ends the over with another boundary. India are 118/2 after 25 overs.16:50 hrs IST: Cottrell bowls a tight over and after 24 overs, India are 113/2.16:46 hrs IST: Vijay Shankar gets going with two sweetly struck boundaries off Holder, one past cover and the other to fine leg. After 23 overs, India are 112/2.16:42 hrs IST: Kohli top-edges the pull from Cottrell but it lands safely at fine leg as India cross 100. After 22 overs, India are 104/2.16:35 hrs IST: WICKET! Brilliant ball from Holder. Full ball and it nips back in off the seam, Rahul leaves a gap between bat and pad and the off stump is pegged back. Rahul misses a fifty and India are 98/2 after 20.4 overs.16:30 hrs IST: Rahul glances a full ball to fine leg off Fabian Allen and India are 97/1 after 20 overs.16:27 hrs IST: Jason Holder continues to bowl a brilliant spell and he has figures of 4-2-7-0 so far. After 19 overs, India are 89/1 with Rahul nearing a fifty.16:20 hrs IST: Rahul is growing in confidence and he nears his fifty by late-cutting a flatter delivery to backward point and India are 81/1 after 17.1 overs.16:15 hrs IST: Rahul gets a streaky boundary and India are 72/1 after 16 overs.16:10 hrs IST: MAIDEN! Another good over from Jason Holder and India are 67/1 after 15 overs.16:02 hrs IST: MAIDEN! Jason Holder bowls in the right areas and India are 62/1 after 13 overs.15:57 hrs IST: Kohli gets an outside edge that goes to the third man fence for a boundary. India are 62/1 after 12 overs.15:53 hrs IST: Rahul and Kohli slam a boundary each off Oshane Thomas to the off side and India are scoring at a decent rate. After 11 overs, India are 56/115:49 hrs IST: India are making good progress despite the loss of Rohit. After 10 overs, India are 47/1.15:44 hrs IST: Rahul and Kohli are making steady progress and India are 44/1 after nine overs.15:40 hrs IST: Rahul pushes a full delivery from Roach down the ground for three runs and India are 38/1 after eight overs.15:37 hrs IST: Oshanr Thomas begins well and Virat Kohli gets going with a boundary to the deep backward point fence. India are 35/1 after seven overs.15:30 hrs IST: WICKET! This will be a talking point now. West Indies get the big wicket of Rohit. Full ball and it nips back in, Rohit gets beaten and Shai Hope takes the catch. West Indies review and replays show a spike on Real Time Snicko. There was a gap between the bat and ball and the delivery brushed the pad, but it seemed that the bat was also near by. The decision is OUT! Rohit does not want to go.15:22 hrs IST: FOUR! First boundary of the match. Cottrell bowls it short and wide outside off and Rohit cracks the square cut to the third man fence. After five overs, India are 17/0.15:19 hrs IST: Another good over from Cottrell and Roach. India are 9/0 after four overs.15:15 hrs IST: Extra pace and bounce from the West Indies bowlers and India are making slow progress. India are 7/0 after three overs.15:11 hrs IST: Kemar Roach bowls a good line and length as he ties the Indian batsmen down. India are 5/0 after two overs.15:07 hrs IST: Rahul gets off the mark with a steered three runs to deep point while Rohit gets off the mark with a single off his hips. Steady start from Sheldon Cottrell. India 4/0 after the first over.14:56 hrs IST: The national anthems are in full force. Oh! Correction. Only one national anthem. India’s Jana Gana Mana followed by the West Indies song ‘Rally Round the West Indies’.14:40 hrs IST: Here are the playing XIs of both the teams. There are two changes in the West Indies team, with Sunil Ambris replacing Evin Lewis and Fabian Allen replacing Ashley Nurse.West Indies (Playing XI): Chris Gayle, Sunil Ambris, Shai Hope(w), Nicholas Pooran, Shimron Hetmyer, Jason Holder(c), Carlos Brathwaite, Fabian Allen, Kemar Roach, Sheldon Cottrell, Oshane ThomasIndia (Playing XI): Lokesh Rahul, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli(c), Vijay Shankar, MS Dhoni(w), Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Mohammed Shami, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah14:35 hrs IST: India has chosen to bat against West Indies in Old Trafford and they are unchanged.14:24 hrs IST: A warm welcome to the match between India and West Indies from Old Trafford. These two teams are playing each other in England after 36 years. Last time, in 1983, India won the final at Lord’s which helped them win the title for the first time and make cricket a religion followed by billions. 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