first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest It has been a very unusual growing season, but that is part of farming. We’re going to be finishing up in the next day or so. We are down to two days of harvesting and we’ll be finished for 2017. We have been waiting on this last corn because of the heavy rains we had the week before. Where we are now conditions are just fine. It has been nine days since we had rain. With favorable harvest conditions now it will be nice to coast to the finish line.Overall the corn plant health is still excellent in our area because we are working on the re-planted fields. Because of the later planting date, the stalk integrity is still there and standability is not an issue at all.Looking at the yield results, it is very important to have a good stand to achieve optimum yield. Without the population, it is very difficult for the corn plant to compensate for the blank spaces in the field.Corn has been a pleasant surprise this year. Most producers I have visited with have been pleasantly surprised with the way the corn has performed. Corn moisture is still in the mid-20s — not much drying occurs after the middle of November. The bushels are there. In some cases there is some extra moisture but having those bushels to sell this year is very important. Corn is a much better scenario this year for us than soybeans.There are just a few acres of soybeans remaining in the area and maybe 10% to 15% of the corn is still standing around here but it will be coming off very soon. It has been a challenging growing season and I am ready to put 2017 to rest and start looking forward to 2018.last_img

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