first_img“For safety, we have asked our volunteers to stop emptying the unlocked bins,” said Yates.The club has thrown out as much as it has saved from the program as the NPGA pays out of pocket to dispose of the damaged donations.This fundraiser brought in $3000-$5000/year for the club and Yates is very sad to see it go, but for the safety of all involved, she shares, they have not been able to get a handle of the vandalism and dumping of garbage since the issues with the red bins last year.January 31st, 2019 story on the vandalism of the bins; CLICK HERE. Advertisement FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The North Peace Gymnastics Association (NPGA) and the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) have jointly agreed to remove all the Blue Bins from Fort St. John due to the constant vandalism of the bins.As of Friday, October 11th, 2019, the clothing collection program will no longer be available.- Advertisement -Chantelle Yates of the NPGA shares, although this has been a fantastic fundraiser for our club for the last two years, unfortunately, the damage to the bins and the safety of our volunteers has become a significant concern and is becoming very costly to NPGA and Diabetes Canada.An ongoing problem for the club was the bins being intentionally and regularly broken into, which created a loss for the club when trying to clean up the soiled and damaged donations.Yates shares the CDA was unable to repair the bins in a timely manner due to the remote location of the bins and in combination with people continuing to drop off donations when the bins were damaged, clothes and donations are scattered causing the donations to lose their value once exposed to the elements and becoming soiled.A concern for Yates and her volunteers was the discovery of needles amongst the damaged donations.Advertisement last_img

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