first_imgCedella Marley has released a new book Cooking With Herb which is being hailed as the holy grail to cannabis enthusiasts.While the legalization of medical marijuana is increasing in most countries around the world, Jamaica, the land which is often associated with the herb has been playing catch up.The work by Bob Marley’s eldest daughter, was culled from the family’s dishes on which she was raised in Jamaica. The dishes included are: buttered banana fritters, beet burgers with avocado and jerk-fried onions, quinoa with curry cashews and coconut. The work contains 75 recipes using marijuana by-products.Sprinkled with PatoisThe book is also sprinkled with pinches of wisdom on Jamaican culture and slang (“irie” means “feel good,” “wah gwaan” is “what’s up,” and “a suh mi duh mi ting” means “this is how I do my thing”).Correct dosageIt also, quite responsibly, includes the correct dosage and usage of the cannabis plant referred to simply as “herb.” In fact, every recipe can be re-created with or without CannaOil and CannaButter. This, like all other ingredients in this simple-to-follow book, are exactly what you think they are: THC-infused coconut oil and butter, also known as the bit that will get you high.In her book, Cedella Marley also offers a slew of at-home and easy-to-make concoctions passed down from her mother and great-aunt; which she says benefits glowing skin, strong hair and fewer wrinkles. And, as the book points out, they contain ingredients that you likely already have in your kitchen, such as bananas, brown sugar, and mayonnaise.last_img

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