Migrant Families Were Confused When U.S. Expelled Children Into Mexico

first_img– Advertisement – – Advertisement – The transfer was contrary to both U.S. policy and an outstanding diplomatic agreement with Mexico, which do not allow children from other countries who are traveling without adult guardians to be expelled into Mexico. But it is now becoming clear that a number of children have been improperly expelled after the Trump administration shut down the border to most asylum applicants because of the coronavirus pandemic.Since The New York Times reported last week on an internal email that warned border authorities about the improper transfers, Ms. Acuña, who asked that her sister be identified by her first name to avoid immigration repercussions, is one of several Central Americans who have come forward saying they were anxious and confused after their children and young relatives were sent without any adult to accompany them into a country that is not their own. Lawyers from KIND, an immigrant advocacy organization, said that they knew of several Central American children who were expelled into Mexico and that some of them were still in custody there. And the Young Center, another such group, confirmed it had appealed to American authorities in two additional cases — two Salvadoran girls, ages 11 and 15, who were expelled into Mexico and eventually allowed into the United States after legal interventions.“We shouldn’t be encountering these kids at all,” said Jennifer Nagda, policy director for the group. “We have no idea how many cases there are because we’re getting them through word of mouth.”Some parents have had to wait days or weeks to find out that their children had been sent without their knowledge to Mexico.Lenis Manzanarez Suazo, a Honduran who has also been waiting in Matamoros for the American border to reopen, said she watched as American immigration authorities walked her 7-year-old daughter, Samantha Manzanarez, into the United States on Sept. 23. She waited for news, assuming that the girl would be reunited with relatives in Florida. Just weeks after Esther crossed into the United States, a Honduran woman named Paola walked with her 5-year-old son Nahum to the edge of the international bridge that leads into the United States. (She also asked that she and her son be identified by their first names for fear of retaliation from American immigration authorities.)The two had been living for months in a shelter in Matamoros, Mexico, waiting for the border to reopen so they could pursue American asylum petitions. But Paola said she had reached her wit’s end about the conditions they had been living in, and the fact that her son had not been to school in more than a year. She decided to send Nahum to the United States, hoping American authorities would allow him to join his grandfather and uncles in Los Angeles.She said she walked the boy to the bridge on Sept. 5 and watched U.S. immigration officials usher him into the American port of entry. Scared that something might go wrong, she said, she stood on the bridge waiting for news. But after about five hours, she was dismayed to see a Mexican government van drive past her with Nahum inside. Eva Acuña spoke with her teenage sister Esther by phone early on the morning of Aug. 15, about an hour before Esther planned to enter the United States near the Mexican city of Ciudad Juárez and ask for asylum — the end of a long journey from Esther’s home in El Salvador.Ms. Acuña, a legal permanent resident in the United States, expected to hear next from American immigration authorities about her sister’s status. But instead, about eight hours later, she received a call from the authorities in Mexico. Instead of taking her sister into custody, the U.S. Border Patrol had delivered the girl back to Mexico, where she was in a children’s shelter.- Advertisement – A U.S. Border Patrol official raised alarms about the practice in the internal email that came to light last week. Brian Hastings, chief of the Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley sector, confirmed the practice had been occurring, and said border agents had been directed to contact the Mexican consular office each time an unaccompanied child who was not Mexican was expelled.Five people have told The Times that their children or young relatives were expelled into Mexico after entering the United States, in violation of the agreement between the two countries.center_img Mexican officials declined to provide her, as well as Paola, with documentation showing that her child had been improperly expelled by the United States into Mexican custody.A.B., a 17-year-old from El Salvador who asked to be identified by his initials because he did not want to face retaliation in his pending asylum case, said he crossed the border near El Paso on July 14 but was expelled back to Mexico and held in a shelter there for two weeks.The American officer who processed his case, he said, told him that if he had tried to cross the border before the pandemic, he would have had more success. “We’re sending you back to Mexico,” he said the official told him. “Maybe next time.”Ms. Acuña’s sister Esther, who is 15, was transferred to a second shelter after being sent back to Mexico, then a third. She was eventually allowed into the United States after American lawyers, working in concert with the Salvadoran consulate, successfully argued that the expulsion had violated both U.S. policy and the diplomatic agreement.She arrived at a U.S.-operated children’s shelter in Arizona on Oct. 23, about two months after she had been sent back to Mexico.Eventually, Ms. Acuña said, the family hopes she can be released to family members in Houston. But when that will be, no one knows. “We waited for a call from a family member or something for three, four days,” Ms. Manzanarez Suazo said. “I was nervous. A week passed and still nothing.”Finally, about eight days later, Ms. Manzanarez Suazo sought help from an immigrant advocacy organization called Every Last One that contacted the Mexican child welfare agency on a hunch that Samantha had been expelled. The hunch was correct. Samantha was in one of the agency’s shelters. Working with American lawyers, Paola contacted Mexico’s child welfare agency and learned that her son had been sent back into its custody. She pleaded to see him, but three days went by before she was allowed to pick him up.Shipping young people back and forth between foreign governments is a sensitive matter, in part because of the bureaucratic red tape that can lead to delays in their release, even in cases like Paola’s, when the child’s parent is waiting in the same country.It is unclear how many non-Mexican children have been expelled into Mexico, because both the American and Mexican governments have declined to provide data on the number of cases. U.S. government officials have cited a legal challenge against some of the expulsions that have occurred under the pandemic to explain why they cannot elaborate further. In a tweet on Friday, a spokesman for the Mexican secretary of foreign affairs said that “at the moment” it had no record of minors entering Mexico without accompanying relatives.“The Mexican government, along with civil society and multilateral organizations, will continue with due investigations,” the statement said. In some cases, including Esther’s, there were no other family members in Mexico to aid the children. – Advertisement –last_img read more

Supreme Court Hands Trump a Small Victory in Pennsylvania Vote Count.

first_imgNearly a dozen lawsuits filed by President Trump and his allies are working their way through the courts in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia, trying — so far unsuccessfully — to stop ballot counting and invalidate enough votes to erase Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s leads there. Here is a look at those cases.In Pennsylvania, the biggest fight has been over ballots that are postmarked by Election Day but arrive later. In September, the state Supreme Court ruled, over Republican objections, that election officials could accept ballots arriving up to three days later. The U.S. Supreme Court declined to intercede, but left open the possibility that it could revisit the question. – Advertisement – Separately, the Supreme Court did grant the Trump camp a minor victory in Pennsylvania on Friday evening, when Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. ordered election officials there to keep the late-arriving ballots separate from other ballots, and not to include them, for now, in announced vote totals. But the victory was essentially in name only: Pennsylvania’s secretary of state had already given that instruction.The entire dispute over the late-arriving ballots could be moot, because Mr. Biden has taken the lead in Pennsylvania even without those late-arriving ballots. A similar case in Michigan was thrown out.In Nevada, the Trump campaign has sued to stop the processing of mail ballots, claiming that its monitors had inadequate access. A judge denied the request, citing a lack of evidence. Another Republican suit claimed lax authentication of ballots; a judge dismissed it.An Arizona lawsuit claims that ballots filled out with felt-tipped pens were being discarded; state and federal officials say that is false. A case in Georgia claims that a few dozen late-arriving ballots — which the state does not allow, even if they are postmarked by Election Day — were not properly set apart, raising the possibility that they would be counted. A judge threw out the complaint, saying there was no evidence that the ballots in question had arrived late. One of several other Pennsylvania disputes involves people from both parties who observe the tabulation in Philadelphia, where they were told to stay 10 feet away from the vote counters. Some Trump allies have claimed, falsely, that no observers were allowed. In response to a Republican complaint, a judge ruled on Thursday that they could stand within six feet, but refused to stop the counting.- Advertisement –center_img – Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img read more

World Cup of Darts 2020: Wales tipped to add to their first title after weekend glory | Darts News

first_img Players Championship FinalsNovember 27-29 – Advertisement – Gerwyn Price and Jonny Clayton lift the World Cup after starring for Wales in Austria
Gerwyn Price and Jonny Clayton lift the World Cup after starring for Wales in Austria

Taylor vs Gutierrez: Jack Cullen shatters John Docherty’s unbeaten record with points victory | Boxing News

first_img 2:01 Kash Farooq reflects on his wide points win over Angel Aviles A hurtful combination from Cullen stiffened the legs of Docherty, who repeatedly lost his gum shield as he endured a torrid eighth.Into the closing rounds, Docherty wearily tried to preserve his unblemished reputation, but Cullen claimed victory on the scorecards.Kash Farooq staked his claim for another major title fight after a dominant unanimous decision win against Angel Aviles. Thomas Whittaker-Hart beat Jermaine Springer in opening fight on the bill Thomas Whittaker-Hart beat Jermaine Springer in opening fight on the bill

Twitter hilariously interprets Trump’s latest lies about election rigging as his concession speech

first_img– Advertisement – Fox News commentator Jesse Watters, of the show “Watters World,” obviously begs to differ as evidenced in video Trump included with his perceived concession tweet. Apparently missing the part when Trump led us into a pandemic leading to more than 245,400 deaths, Watters said something “just doesn’t feel right” about Biden being president. “Joe Biden didn’t earn it. He didn’t really even campaign. He thought he was going to lose. You could see it. He ran a losing campaign. So 10 days after the election, how’s he ahead,” Watters asked.- Advertisement – CNN’s Jake Tapper tweeted: “Everything after ‘He won’ is a lie. But those first two words are accurate!” Writer Frederick Joseph tweeted: “He had me at ‘He won…’” And in answering screenwriter and former Republican David Weissman’s question asking why Trump even wants a job he doesn’t do, blogger Jeff Shuey summarized the exiting president’s time in office. “He never wanted the job. He just wanted the perks. He’s golfed over 300 days. #TrumpConceded by failing … again. He is a failed @potus He is a failed human,” Shuey tweeted.x And even though the president tried desperately to take back the words, deleting the post and instead tweeting “RIGGED ELECTION. WE WILL WIN!” in the eyes of many Twitter users, it was too late.  x Let me say it again for the people with the cheap seats: Trump led us into a pandemic leading to more than 245,400 deaths. The racist-in-chief can claim as many times as he wants that a brief election results error in one Michigan county somehow equated to millions of faulty ballots, but the simple truth is that Dominion Voting Systems, the election tech company linked to the error, didn’t trigger school closings throughout the country or send wide swaths of the American population into quarantine. The president’s mismanagement of the coronavirus did.RELATED: COVID-19 news: One-half of U.S. deaths could have been avoided; still no mask for Donald RELATED: Researchers attribute at least 700 deaths directly to Trump’s disease-ridden rallies- Advertisement – The Georgia run-off is January 5th. Request an absentee ballot by Nov. 18. Early in-person voting starts Dec. 14. And REGISTER TO VOTE here by Dec. 7.And give $3 right now to rip the Senate majority from Mitch McConnell’s cold dead hands. – Advertisement –last_img read more

Dow futures rise 200 points after last week’s big market rotation

first_imgTraders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.Source: NYSE – Advertisement – Those moves came as traders piled into beaten-down value names at the expense of high-flying growth stocks amid positive vaccine news. The iShares Russell 1000 Value exchange-traded fund (IWD) rallied 5.7% last week while its growth counterpart, the iShares Russell 1000 Growth ETF (IWF) slid 1.2%.Pfizer and BioNTech said last week that their coronavirus vaccine candidate was more than 90% effective preventing Covid-19 participants in a late-stage trial. The news sparked hope for an economic recovery, thus making value stocks such as United Airlines and Carnival Corp more attractive. United and Carnival rallied 12.4% and 15.9%, respectively, last week.“The announcement of an effective Covid-19 vaccine by Pfizer/BioNTech last week was so important that we almost forget that there has just been a US presidential election,” TS Lombard analysts Steven Blitz and Andrea Andrea Cicione wrote in a note.- Advertisement – U.S. stock futures rose on Sunday night as traders assessed a sharp market rotation that led to a mixed weekly performance last week.Dow Jones Industrial Average futures were up by 202 points, or 0.7%. S&P 500 futures traded 0.7% higher and Nasdaq 100 futures advanced 0.9%.The S&P 500 posted a record closing high on Friday and notched a one-week gain of 2.2%. The Dow rallied more than 4% last week and briefly hit an intraday record last week. The Nasdaq Composite lagged, however, sliding 0.6%.- Advertisement –center_img “The vaccine turns what could have been a prolonged crisis into something closer to a natural disaster (large shock, swift recovery),” they said. “Without an effective vaccine, current EPS consensus expectations (pointing to a return to trend by the end of next year) would be on the optimistic side. But with one, they may actually come to pass.”To be sure, the number of coronavirus cases are still rising, thus threatening the prospects of a swift economic recovery.More than 11 million Covid-19 infections have been confirmed in the U.S., according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Data from the COVID Tracking Project also showed that a record of more than 68,500 people in the U.S. are hospitalized with the coronavirus.Dan Russo, chief market strategist at Chaikin Analytics, thinks the market can weather this latest spike in coronavirus cases, however.“it seems that investors are more focused on vaccine news and are willing to look past the near-term spike in cases,” he said in a post. “If this becomes a cause for concern for investors, it will become apparent on the charts and risk management will take over.”Subscribe to CNBC PRO for exclusive insights and analysis, and live business day programming from around the world. – Advertisement –last_img read more

Woman’s death raises Indonesian H5N1 toll to 92

first_imgDec 11, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – Indonesia’s health ministry today announced that a 28-year-old woman who lived near Jakarta died yesterday of H5N1 avian influenza.The woman died in an avian flu clinic in Jakarta, Joko Suyono, a health ministry spokesman, told the Associated Press. He said two laboratory tests confirmed that she had the lethal H5N1 virus. If her death is confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO), the woman will be listed as Indonesia’s 114th case-patient and its 92nd death from the disease.The woman, who was from Tangerang, just west of Jakarta, fell sick on Dec 4, was hospitalized 4 days later, and died after 2 days of treatment, according to a report today by Xinhua, China’s state news agency.She sold ornamental plants and used fertilizer made from chicken feces and plant material, Suyono told Xinhua. Also, she worked near chicken farms, he said.Indonesia has been the country hardest hit by human H5N1 cases, and animal-health officials have said the virus is endemic among the country’s poultry.last_img read more

Conference: Can Croatian Tourism 365?

first_imgConference Can Croatian Tourism 365? will be held on October 4.10.2017, XNUMX. in Zagreb, at the Sheraton Hotel. Leaders of Croatian tourism and numerous domestic and foreign experts will identify potentials, opportunities, positive practices and solutions for the development of year-round tourism in CroatiaPoliticians, tourism workers and everyone involved in tourism have been saying for years that the tourist season needs to be extended. Experiences and tourism results of neighboring countries show that tourism 365 days a year is something we should strive for. But is this really possible in Croatia as well, or are these dreams we want to believe in?Conference Croatian Tourism 365 brings eminent tourism experts from the wider region and representatives of the most important tourism institutions in Croatia in order to clearly define the path to launching Croatian tourism that lasts 365 days a year. They will try to establish the potentials and misconceptions about year-round tourism in Croatia and answer the question of whether we are ready for 12-month tourism. The conference will also give suggestions on how to be different and extend the season, and what the state really needs to do, what the local self-government, and what the tourism private sector should do in order to achieve that. Experts from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Hungary will share their successful experiences, as well as their suggestions and guidelines for the further development of Croatian tourism. The conference will offer new knowledge and ideas to small and medium-sized entities and motivation for large tourism entities.”The aim of this conference is primarily to identify potentials, opportunities, positive practices and solutions for the development of year-round tourism in Croatia, which will certainly help the experiences and practices of neighboring countries. With this conference we want to present solutions and activities to ensure the required quality and innovation that we need to achieve tourism that lasts all year round. Today’s tourists are again travelers looking for new authentic experiences, not mass tourists looking for a unified offer in any part of the world, and Croatia can certainly offer that, all 12 months of the year.”Said Ivana Kolar, director of Julius Rose and conference organizer, long-time director of Terme Tuhelj.The conference is intended for: directors and presidents of large tourism companies, entrepreneurs and craftsmen involved in the tourism process and income, representatives of tourism and business institutions, representatives of tourist boards, professional and other associations, and all persons and entities that are or could be, involved in Croatian tourism, and who want to have direct impact on the development of year-round tourism in Croatia.On the page www.turizam365.com all information about the conference and registration can be found, and there is also the possibility of active participation in the conference. You can also see the invitation to include your suggestions and ideas and information on planned and implemented projects to improve year-round tourism in Croatia. The most interesting proposals will be presented at the conference itself.HrTurizaam.hr is a proud partner and media sponsor of the conference: Can Croatian Tourism 365?last_img read more

VLM Airlines established direct flights from Maribor to Split and Dubrovnik

first_imgThis week, VLM Airlines started flights on two new airlines between its Slovenian base in Maribor and two popular Croatian destinations – Split and Dubrovnik.Regular flights between Maribor to Split and Dubrovnik will be operated during August, every Tuesday, with a turboprop Fokker 50. Tickets for these flights are on sale at a price of 39 euros one way on the line from Maribor to Split and 49 euros on the route from Maribor to Dubrovnik. According to VLM Airlines, in the coming period they will publish more details about the planned flight schedule during the winter season, which begins on October 29, 2017.The Belgian company SHS Antwerp Aviation NV and the Slovenian airline VLM Airlines dd have started air traffic under the brand “VLM Airlines”. Both companies are owned by the Dutch investment company SHS Aviation BV The owners of SHS Aviation BV are Dutch investors with 60% and Canadian investors with 40%. VLM Airlines has a fleet of 6 Fokker 50 aircraft. Each aircraft can carry 50 passengers. This summer, VLM Airlines will maintain 15 routes, connecting 11 destinations in five countries. At the moment, VLM Airlines employs 55 aviation professionals.last_img read more

This year the focus is on quality versus quantity – Advent in Zagreb

first_imgThe best Advent in Europe starts on Saturday 2 December and will run, along with New Year’s events, until 7 January 2018. Thus, on Saturday, in addition to the traditional lighting of the 1st Advent candle on Manduševac and the grand opening of the Ice Park and Advent on Zrinjevac, Advent on the European Square, Fuliranje, Christmas fairy tale and others will open. On Sunday, December 3, Advent in the Upper Town opens, which includes: Advent on Vranicanijeva poljana – The Story from Grič, Advent in the Klovićevi dvori Gallery, Advent on the Strauss and Advent in the Tunnel.The new slogan of the best Advent in Europe is: Sugar comes at the end of the year! Advent in Zagreb, and also this year Zagreb will compete for the title of the best European Christmas Fair 2018 and will try to be the best in Europe for the third year in a row. This year, the focus is on quality versus quantity, said the director of the Zagreb Tourist Board, Martina Bienenfeld, “Of course thanks to analyzes of last year’s Advent we concluded that last year there were too many locations that were in Advent. So this year we have reduced the number of locations with Advent content by as much as seven locations. ” points out Bienenfeld.The Zagreb Tourist Board and its partners have prepared new programs for many visitors and citizens, especially Advent at Prekrižje, which was realized in cooperation with the Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia, and other novelties are: Advent at the Croatian Railway Museum, Advent at the ZOO, Advent in Marićev prolaz and Caffe de Matoš. The Advent spirit will bring to life the HDLU where the exhibition Nikola Tesla – Mind from the future is set, and you will be able to experience the real warmth of Christmas in the Parish of St. Blaža where the exhibition of the same name is held. There are also traditional programs such as: Living Christmas Nativity Scene, From the Christmas Balconies in Zagreb, special programs in MUO, HNK, Mimara, Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum, and, of course, the Advent program on Ban Jelačić Square, Advent wreath in Bogovićeva, Gajeva and surrounding streets and the Gift with a Story project as part of the Super Christmas program.By the way, Advent in Zagreb is the most important event in our capital, and last year there was an increase of 34% in arrivals and 37% in overnight stays. Namely, according to the data of the Tourist Board, in December 2016, 94.573 arrivals and 169.095 overnight stays were recorded, while in December 2015, 70.551 arrivals and 123.734 overnight stays were recorded.All news, service information about the parking lot and special ZET lines, as well as details of individual programs are available on the website Advent in Zagreblast_img read more