Justin Bieber Techs 2010 Person of the Year

first_imgWho is 2010’s tech person of the year? Is it Mark Zuckerberg, the world’s youngest billionaire, who helped transform Facebook into a global juggernaut, donated absurd amounts of money to charity, and was the basis for the year’s most critically acclaimed film?What about Steve Jobs, who turned the tech world on its head yet again with the introduction of the iPad, which kickstarted the consumer tablet market?Maybe it’s Meg Whitman, or Carly Fiorina, who both parlayed CEO jobs at prominent tech companies into much-publicized bids for office in California.I would like to throw my support behind another candidate–that’s right, Justin Bieber (OMG, et al). The 16-year-old Canadian pop singer earned a top spot in tech headlines this year, thanks in no small part a seemingly permanent spot atop Twitter’s trending topics.Bieber made a name for himself after his young mother began uploading videos of her son performing song covers. He quickly built up a legion of absurdly loyal–and intense–fans who have grown up on social networking. As various social networks reveal their year-end lists of hot topics, the point is made all the more clear: 2010 was the year of the Bieber. After the jump, check a round up of our Bieber coverage from 2010.March 26: Bieber’s Manager Arrested for Not TweetingManager Scott “Scooter” Braun is arrested on criminal nuisance and reckless endangerment charges after a canceled Bieber appearance leads to a crowd nightmare. According to police, Braun failed to alert the fanbase via Twitter.April 1: Funny or Die Becomes Bieber or DieComedy site Funny or Die teams up with the teen star for April Fool’s. Bieber recreates a number of popular viral videos like “David after the Dentist” as only he can.May 18: Anti-Bieber Firefox Plug-inPeople are already feeling the effects of Bieber-overload by May, so a company called Free Art and Technology introduces a Firefox plug-in with the creepy name “Shaved Bieber,” which blocks all mention of the pop star within the browser.July 1: 4Chan’s Bieber North Korea PrankBieber posts an online poll asking fans where he should go next on his tour. 4Chan steps in, attempting to get Bieber to make a stop in North Korea. 4Chan, incidentally, also managed to get the phrase “Justin Bieber Syphillis.”July 6: Bieber Death/Porn ExploitThe same week that 4Chan attempted to send the Biebz to North Korea, a YouTube exploit lures in fans with claims that singer has died. Clicking on it redirects the user to a porn site–where else?September 8: Twitter Devotes Racks of Space to BieberHow much of Twitter’s backend is devoted to Justin Bieber tweets? A staggering 3 percent, according to an unnamed Twitter employee. Racks of servers are dedicated to him.”September 30: Justin Bieber HeadphonesFollowing in the footsteps of Dre, Lady Gaga, and Diddy, Monster gives Bieber his own line of headphones. They’re purple–Bieber’s favorite color.October 8: Justin Bieber Kicked off of FacebookNo, not that Justin Bieber. A fellow with the same name as the pop singer is booted off of Facebook, after being accused of using a fake name. he and Hiroko Yoda have a lot to talk about. December 1: Bieber 3D Movies Sells 26,000 TicketsParamount announces a sneak preview of Bieber’s upcoming 3D movie, Never Say Never, selling 26,000 tickets in 12 hours–a full three months before show time. December 1: Bieber Tops Year End Search ResultsSurprised? Neither are we. Nothing to see here. Move along.December 2: Bieber Blocked from YouTube for Uploading Own MusicBieber hits back against YouTube after the site won’t let him upload his own music. He tells his Twitter audience that he’s moving to Facebook instead.last_img read more