The best video game about soda made a brand new reallife soda

first_imgOne magical day back in 2008, developer Will Brierly created what is quite literally the best video game about drinking soda ever made: Soda Drinker Pro. For the better part of a decade, Brierly’s soda-drinking simulator bridged the nearly impossible-to-bridge massive chasm between gamers and soda enthusiasts. Thanks to SDP, you could finally enjoy a cool, refreshing soda in such exotic locales as a sunny beach, outer space, or inside someone’s mouth — without ever having to leave the comfort and safety of your very own desk chair. Now, in one of the best and most obvious marketing tie-ins in all of video game (and probably marketing) history, Soda Drinker Pro will release real-life sodas for all to drink like pros.Throughout the game, you can find bonus sodas lying around, waiting to supply the drinker with soothing throat refreshment. So, it’s only right that the real-life soda product is called Bonus Soda — and thankfully, you don’t have to search your crudely drawn environment to obtain some.SDP has teamed up with Pure Sodaworks to create and entirely new flavor of beverage, and considering the company sells unique flavors like Apple Pie and Strawberry Jalapeño, the partnership seems like a good choice. The brand new flavor that, as the SDP team puts it, “has never existed before,” has not yet been fully described, but is made with all natural ingredients, is gluten-free, and doesn’t have artificial coloring or preservatives.As a bonus to the Bonus Soda, the label (seen below) has been designed by the artist who composed the art for the very pretty Elegy for a Dead World.Bonus Soda is being demoed at PAX East this weekend, and will be available in stores soon after the convention is over. For updates, check out the Bonus Soda website; it’s bare right now, but promises the main site will be up soon. You can drop your name on a list to receive updates for when you can place an order for the previously nonexistent soda. Until then, keep drinking soda — virtual or otherwise, on a beach or in someone else’s mouth, but always singularly like a professional.last_img read more